All change at 3 High Street.

  St Ann's Hospice shop closing -will Cheadle's famous art deco inside remain?


After 30 years of continuous occupancy, St Ann’s Hospice has moved out of their shop at number 3 High Street, with the owners now looking for new tenants or outright buyers.

But while many of Cheadle’s shops change hands on a regular basis, to many local people, number 3 High Street has a very special place in the village's history.

From the 1920s until many years after the war, this was the location of the Premier Cafe, a premises which made a fantastic selection of cakes and related confectionery in its own bakery and served them in a magnificently decorated art deco dining room overlooking High Street below.

It then had a major change of use and St Ann’s Hospice have been the custodians of the famous building since the beginning of the 1990s, selling an assortment of second hand clothes and other items, with all the proceeds helping to provide greater care for those close to the end of life.

The charity though are currently in the process of vacating the property and new owners or tenants will, in time, be moving in and this famous building will begin a new lease of life.

Fortunately, all the art deco furnishings which were installed nearly 100 years ago remain intact, although they have no legal protection, and new owners, should they wish, could demolish them if they transform the use of the premises.

We are happy to say that local photographer Greg Evans has recently taken a series of excellent photographs of the art deco as they are now (July 2021) and we are happy to feature them below 


To view a multimedia history of the premises reported by the Civic Society in 2009, click here

To get more information about the about the current change of ownership developments, please visit the web site of the commercial agents, Roger Hannah.  click here