Cheadle remembers

  (Memorial Sunday, 11th November, 2018)


On Sunday, the 11th of November, 2018, the community of Cheadle came together to remember the 101 local men who died during World War 1, and the thousands of others who were seriously injured or otherwise affected. A parade and special memorial was held at the cenotaph by Cheadle Green, and despite the rain and cold, it was attended by a huge number of local people, young and old.

Below is a brief photo-story of the event, with special thanks to all those who attended and helped out.  


 The whole of Cheadle was specially "dressed" for the occasion

   Crowds gathered from 10 'O clock onwards in Massie Street in advance of the parade

 The Northenden Pipe Band led the crowds along Massie Street and High Street to the Memorial


High Street was closed and hundreds of local people of all ages marched in the parade


At the Memorial at 11am, huge crowds were in attendance to honour those who had died


Rob Munro, rector of St Mary's Parish Church led the ceremony


Local cubs, scouts, girl guides and other youngsters attended in large numbers


Some of the cubs held special poppy signs displaying the names of each of the 101 local men who died during World War 1


 The names of all the men who died were also read out by members of the local air cadets


Different religious leaders assisted with the prayers during the ceremony


Members of different community groups laid their own wreaths by the Memorial 


In one of the biggest gatherings ever in Cheadle, the crowds stretched back well into High Street and Stockport Road


 Everyone reflected on the events in their own way


 All family members made their own contribution


Towards the end of the ceremony, the special poppies showing the names of the local soldiers who died were buried in the ground by the Memorial


Even 100 years on, everyone who died remains in the hearts and mind of the local community