Abney Hall Park



Abney Hall Park has been one of Cheadle’s best kept secrets for generations. A fantastic expanse of parkland, with wonderful views, excellent footpaths, a rich array of wildlife, an extraordinary history, and all within a couple of minutes walk of the centre of the village.  

Despite nearby developments in recent years, it remains a beautifully tranquil place to spend some quiet time and that is why many more local people are now coming to enjoy the area.

Every day, all year round, dog walkers, exercise enthusiasts, amateur photographers, mums, dads and kids, as well as office workers and even care home residents, can now be seen enjoying the peace and quiet that the park provides.

But in recent years, there has been another significant development. Local residents, Kate and Steve Peacock, have not only turned a small, old, derelict shed into a thriving cafe, they have also created an indoor space which is full of life, colour, art and history, so local people, and especially children, can learn and appreciate a lot more about Abney and its past.

Abney Hall Park has been part of Kate’s life since childhood and having spent several years pushing Stockport Council to get permission to open a cafe, and additional time sorting out on-going lease issues, she has turned the old shed into something which is now extremely popular amongst the hundreds of visitors to the park each day.

She is also passionate about making many more improvements to the cafe building and is just as passionate about ensuring the park itself continues to have a bright and prosperous future -whether it is looked after by the council, or by her loyal band of park friends and supporters. 



Abney Hall Park is less than five minutes walk from the centre of Cheadle and yet has the feel of of being in the middle of the countryside, rich in flora and fauna


Abney Cafe has been a significant recent addition to the park



 Abney Cafe is now a very colourful addition to the Abney Hall Park landscape




 The cafe is open every day, except Monday, even throughout winter




Enterprising Kate Peacock serving a customer inside the cafe. Along with husband Steve, she spent several years having to convince Stockport council that is was viable to turn a derelict shed into a thriving cafe




A large number of local dog walkers can be found in the park everyday and many use the cafe's facilities




A free play area for young children has had many toys donated




Local wood carvers have created plenty of new pieces of community art outside the cafe




Children's parties are now being encouraged so kids can enjoy all the attractions of the park, with proper supervision




The indoor rooms of the cafe have all been colourfully decorated and transformed into dedicated games and educational areas 




A free library makes the cafe a great place to enjoy some reading, either inside or out




Several local photographers display their impressive pictures of Abney Hall Park within the cafe building




Kate has now created a special room devoted to Agatha Christie and her association with Abney Hall