Relocating the Ockleston Memorial 



How it happened

In 2017, the Civic Society funded a major project to move Cheadle's historic grade 2 listed landmark, the Ockleston Memorial, to a new permanent home at the front of Cheadle Green.

The following photographs were taken to show the evolution of the move. 

Photographs below taken on September 21st, 2017

 The Ockleston Memorial had been in Queen's
Gardens on Stockport Road since 1967
 Its new location is at the front of Cheadle
Green, very close to its original position.


 Repair and moving. Week 1    


Repair and moving. Week 2


Repair and moving. Week 3



Repair and moving. Week 4



Repair and moving week 5



Repair and moving week 6



Repair and moving week 7


The repaired and renovated Memorial was finally completed in June 2018 with the new attractive lighting fixtures put in position



The very delicate moving work was undertaken by specialist conservation building removers with the the Civic Society paying in full for all the work involved.

As part of the project, extensive repair work was undertaken on renovating as much of the Memorial's stonework as possible, some of which has been extensively damaged due to the amount of constantly passing traffic along Stockport Road.

The memorial was created in honour of the late general practitioner Doctor Robert Ockleston who was a valued member of the local community for much of the latter half of the 19th Century.

The memorial was originally positioned in the centre of the junction of Manchester Road, Stockport Road and High Street where it had great prominence, but due to the ever growing amount of traffic throughout the 20th Century, the local council moved it away from the centre of the road in 1967 to Queen's Gardens, where it has remained for the past 50 years.


Click here to view a painting of the newly positioned Ockleston Memorial


For more information about the history of the Ockleston Memorial, please read our report on page 10 of the April 2015 issue of the newsletter. 

Also, in 2014, the Architectural History Practice wrote a detailed history of the Ockleston Memorial which can be viewed by clicking on the link below.